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Frequently Asked Questions  & Answers for Waterscape Owners and Guests

Q. I lost my set of condo docs/Rules & Regulations, is there a website where I can download or read them online?

A. Yes. CMA Community Association Management manages the HOA and provides a website- you can review the Waterscape condo docs contacting Russ Owens 850.226.8712

Q. I'm thinking renting out my condo - what are my options?

A.  You basically have 3 options: 1. You can rent through the on-site Vacasa (formerly Resortquest) rental management company 2. You can rent through a different rental management company and 3. You can rent it out yourself through or some other method. You are NOT required to use Vacasa, however it is the most convenient and guest friendliest method of rental management since the staff is on site.

Q. What about pets? Can I bring mine and walk it on the beach?

A.  Okaloosa County strictly forbids animals on the beach at any time. If you are a Waterscape unit owner, you may have  up to 2 pets as long they are not a nuisance and under 50lbs limited to domestic cat and/or dog excluding the breeds of doberman, pit bull and rottweiler. There are no designated dog walk areas, however any owner who walks a pet on property is responsible for any 'poop scooping' and proper disposal thereof.  If you are a Waterscape rental guest under no circumstances may you have a pet on property.

Any renter caught with an animal on property is grounds for eviction.

Q. What do I do if I need to let someone in my condo and I'm not there?

A. If you are a non-rental owner and you need to give access to your unit to an authorized person (vendor, family member, guest, etc.) you can do so by contacting the HOA office IN ADVANCE of arrival of your guest/vendor- call 850.226.8712 or email There is an annual form to complete with a nominal charge for this service. Each time you need to offer access you must disclose in writing the name, date of your guest arrival to the HOA. Once received by the HOA, the HOA will allow access to your authorized guest/vendor.  The rental desk staff on site is NOT authorized to provide keys to anyone not on the Vacasa rental program or who has not been provided prior written authorization for entry.

Q. If I want to tile my unit, do I need to do anything special?

A. Yes (per pg. 6 of 81 of the Waterscape condo docs).  All units above the 1st floor who remove existing carpeting and replace with any hard surface covering (tile, hardwood, marble, slate, etc.) must also install a sound absorbent underlay to reduce the noise transmission to adjoining units AND must obtain written approval of the Board prior to any installation. A typical underlayment is ProFlex 70ssc sound control membrane. Please contact the Waterscape HOA office at 850-226-8712 for details and permission.

Q. I have a small baby still in diapers, can they swim in the pool?

A.  Yes, however - NO baby/toddler can swim in any of the pools in regular diapers. All non-toilet trained infants are required to wear waterproof "swim-diapers". There have been several instances where the entire pool area had to be closed due to non-adherence to this important policy. It causes great inconvenience to all guests, so please be diligent about conforming to this policy.

Q. Can I grill out on my balcony?

A.  If you are a rental guest- the answer is NO. If you an an owner, you can only have a small 'electric' grill that must be stowed when not in use in your owners closet. No fire grills permitted at any time in any unit. For everyone's convenience there are 10 gas grills located on the pool deck available first come, first served.

Q. I am a smoker, where can I smoke?

A.  There is absolutely NO SMOKING on the pooldeck or in rental units. There are authorized smoking areas with ash-cans located at the outside at entry to the pooldeck located near the common area restrooms.

Q. Can I bring my own food and eat on the pooldeck?

A.  Yes, however, Florida Law prohibits eating or drinking within 4 feet of the pool's edge. Glass on the pooldeck is strictly prohibited. You are welcome to grill out or purchase food from the sundeck's Fudpuckers (seasonal) tiki restaurant. Tables and chairs are provided - do not relocate any pooldeck furniture. There is no "towel" saving of chairs. They are all first come, first serve basis.

Q. What time are the fitness and pool areas hours of operation?

A. The fitness center is open from 6:30am - 10pm daily. The pool areas are open from 8am - 10pm daily year round. The Lazy River is open from 9am-7pm seasonally- it is not heated at any time. You are not permitted to the take river tubes to the beach or pool. The lazy river, waterfall and spray fountains are "turned off " after the fall season until spring.

Q. What do I do if I lock myself out of my unit?

A. If you are a renter during normal office hours, simply go to the front desk and they will give you a key; after hours, please call on-site roving security at 850.585.2638 they will verify your registration and assist you.  

Q. Can I get on the internet at Waterscape?

A. All units come with FREE high speed internet connection located in each kitchen at the end of the bar counter on the wall. It is included as part of the HOA dues- so no additional charges for service for owners or rental guests. Unit are wireless and each is installed with their own router-  If so, the front desk will have to give you the user name and code.  There is a FREE WI-FI wireless connection located in the front lobby area available during normal business hours.

Q. What happens if I have a maintenance issue in my unit?

A. If you are an non-rental owner, it is your responsibility to find the appropriate assistance for your maintenance needs. The front desk rental staff can recommend vendors, but is not responsible to coordinate repairs on your behalf nor give vendors access (see above question for unit access rules).


If you are a Vacasa rental owner and you have an issue, please contact your on-site rental manager for assistance 850.226.8700.


If you are a Vacasa rental guest renting, please contact the front desk staff for assistance 850.226.8700 (after hours, please call security).


If you are a rental guest renting through the owner directly or another rental management company, please contact the owner or rental company whom you rented through.

Q. Who is responsible for cleaning my unit?

A. If you are a non-rental owner and need your unit cleaned at your own expense, I recommend Brandi Bingham of Paradise Cleaning Services 850.225.6594. The front desk is not responsible for providing cleaning services to non-rental owners. It must be self-coordinated.


If you are a Vacasa rental owner and have made a non-paying 'owner' reservation, your unit will automatically be cleaned upon departure and charged against your rental account.


If you are a Vacasa rental guest, your unit will be automatically cleaned upon departure at no additional expense. There is no daily maid service. We ask that you remove all garbage and load the dishwasher prior to departure.


If you are an owner or Rental Guest renting through another management company, you will need to coordinate your cleaning services through that owner/rental company.

Q. What if I arrive after hours- how do I get in my unit?

A. If you are a non-rental owner, you should have been provided with your own set of keys when you purchased a unit. If you have forgotten or lost your key, you can contact on-site Security to assist.


If you are a Vacasa rental guest who has arrived after the front desk lobby is closed, there is an after-hours lockbox located outside of the front door of the lobby with directions on the box to access your keys.


If you are renter renting through another rental company other than Vacasa, you will need to coordinate your after hours access through them.


If you are a renter renting directly from the owner who has coordinated and paid for front desk services through Vacasa, your keys will be left in the same after hours box outside of the front lobby area.

Q. I see box displays for DVD Movie video rentals- how do I get the dvd movies?

A. There are 3 FREE video rental boxes on the Waterscape property. They are located 1. in the lobby 2. in the "A" east building near unit A217- 2nd floor and also in the "B" building in front of unit B107 on the ground floor.  These free DVD movies are only available for Vacasa renters and Vacasa rental owners.


If you are a non-rental owner, an owner using another rental management company, or a rental guest renting directly from the owner or another rental management company you will not be able to use this free dvd movie service.

Q. What about parking - is it assigned and what if I have a boat/RV or jetski?

A. There is no assigned parking for owners/guests at Waterscape. The parking garage is code accessed- be sure to contact your rental mgt. company for the current code prior to arrival. Codes change periodically. If you have a boat/jetski or RV there is additional parking for Waterscape allotted outside of the parking garage for short term parking just past the front lobby at the entrance to Waterscape. There is a height limit inside the parking garage 7' ft. 2". Any delivery trucks need to park at the entrance to the garage for loading and unloading.