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REALTORS can use regular FAR BAR or CRSP Contracts as 


REALTOR Documents Below for USO NORGE (as seller) units.

The Process of Purchasing a Waterscape Condominium.


 1. Buyer reviews options for units for sale and gets preapproved for possible loan.

 2. Buyer discusses or meets with realtor to view or select a unit.

 3. Unit is selected by buyer to purchase.

 4. Realtor has buyer sign all necessary paperwork for an offer.

 5. Buyer sends earnest money deposit with signed offer paperwork to selling agent.

 6. Selling agent receives offer and presents to seller.

 7. Counter offer may or may not apply.

 8. Seller signs agreement and contract is effective.

 9. Buyer arranges for property inspection (gives a copy to seller if appropriate)

10. Buyer obtains loan or arranges financing-puts lender in contact with closing agent.

11. Buyer and seller sign closing documents as sent by title/closing agent.

12. Buyer arranges for utility transfers and may sign rental mgt. agreement.

13. Buyer finds many new friends now that he owns a Waterscape condo!

14. Buyer enjoys Waterscape condo remembering the resort's motto-

      "Waterscape, Where Fun is a beautiful thing!"




Many buyers wish to review the purchase agreement before making an offer, therefore I have posted most of the necessary paperwork expected to be part of the real estate sales transaction for Waterscape.


Shown below are all the necessary documents to purchase a Waterscape Condominum where USO Norge Waterscape LLC is listed as seller (they are the Norweigan bulk reseller of most of the current units available for sale at Waterscape).


For resales, or short sale offers, regular FAR real estate purchase agreement forms are to be used with the appropriate addendums. You can contact me or your realtor will be able to provide with the proper forms.


These forms listed below are merely to acquaint yourself with the verbiage in the contracts. Please email me or consult your real estate agent (and/or real estate attorney) for details regarding the contract. These documents are for informational purposes only. All items are subject to change without notice.

Document Library

DocumentWaterscape Financing Addendum to Purchase Contract- for USO Norge as Seller unitsFinancing addendum to purchase agreement where USO Norge is seller. Preprinted to reflect 75% loan.
DocumentReceipt for Condominium Documents formThis document is required for all contracts where USO Norge is seller; must be dated and signed by buyer(s). Units have a 15 day right of recission after receipt of condo docs.
DocumentWaterscape- Alternative Media Disclosure StatementRequired only if buyer receives their set of condo documents in CD format "alternative media". Must be signed and dated by buyer(s) and accompany the Receipt of Condo docs form for USO Norge as seller units.
DocumentWaterscape Site GridThis form shows the basic footprint of the entire property- U shaped with amenities in the center.
DocumentOn-site ResortQuest's Waterscape rental management agreementBasic outline of what ResortQuest agreement with rental owners offers. Please contact rental manager for details and before signing. On site rental office 850-226-8713
DocumentCondo Governance FormNot sure why we have to give this out, but we do.
DocumentPurchase Contract Cancellation FormIf you have exercised your 15 day right of recission in time and no longer want the purchase agreement to be in effect (for USO Norge units- all others are only 3 day right of recission), sign and date this and return to your realtor in time.
DocumentEnergy Efficiency Rating BrochureAnother required form to give to buyers. Don't know why.
DocumentWSC HOA Unit Entry Authorization form for OwnersThis form is required by the HOA if an owner needs to provide access to their unit to any outside vendor. It has to be filled out in advanced and returned to the HOA office before access will be granted.
DocumentWaterscape- DEP CCCL Line MapThis is the preconstruction approved Dept. of Environmental Protection Coastal Construction Control Line Map for Waterscape
DocumentClosing Questionnaire for Buyers where USO Norge is seller.Closing questionnaire for new buyers under contract. Closing agent is law firm of Weisburd, Eisen and Possenti and this information is required for closing. Please complete and return with purchase contract.
DocumentWaterscape Aerial ViewAerial view of Waterscape showing Buildings A on East, B on West and C on north end; units start on Gulf with =00 stack and go to -35 on North end of A; to -30 on North end of B; even numbers inside the courtyard in A/B and odd numbers are on exterior perimeter of bldgs A/B; C runs units -00 on East end and -06 on west end of C.
DocumentOCCUPANCY AGREEMENT DISCLOSURE formRequired for all units that are sold and are on the rental program. Revised 6/2013.
DocumentWATERSCAPE PURCHASE AGREEMENT- USO NORGE UNITS ONLY - Revised June 2013Waterscape Purchase Agreement for USO NORGE as seller units; all units are given a 15-day Right of Recission.
Document2015 Waterscape HOA Approved Budget2015 Waterscape HOA Approved Budget
Document2015 Waterscape HOA RULES/PET POLICYWaterscape Homeowners Association Rules and Regulations, including pet policy.
Document2016 Waterscape HOA Approved Budget and FAQ Sheet2016 Waterscape Homeowners Approved Budget and Frequently Asked Question and Answer Sheet
DocumentWATERSCAPE PURCHASE AGREEMENT- USO NORGE UNITS ONLY - Revised 4.1.16Waterscape Purchase Agreement for USO NORGE as seller units; all units are given a 15-day Right of Recission.
DocumentWATERSCAPE PURCHASE AGREEMENT- USO NORGE UNITS ONLY - Revised 4.1.16Waterscape Purchase Agreement for USO NORGE as seller units; all units are given a 15-day Right of Recission.